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Established in 1975 we have the experience necessary to provide our customers with the utmost in quality products.  There is no substitute for knowledge and hands on experience.  Along with advanced technology, Arcal Precision Components Inc. continues to provide customers with quality products.
  • Since APC Inc. started, we have approached our customers with the intention of making products reflecting who we are.  Our pride derives from machining a piece of raw material into a finished part meeting and exceeding all the requirements on the blue print. APC inc. is determined to approach any project regardless of the type of material, size, hardness or quantity with the intention to fulfill our customers highest expectations. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 / AS 9100:2016 certified. We currently also hold other certifications and approvals thru: JCP, ITAR, ORCA, CCR/Small Business. We welcome you to Arcal and invite you to meet our dedicated staff and take a tour of our facility.



Gus Gonzalez, President and Founder of Arcal Precision Components Inc. has a lifetime of machining experience as, well as an  extensive list of professional achievements and awards, which have attributed to the success of Arcal Precision Components Inc.  immensely.

Over the years Gus has developed strong affiliations with our customers and our suppliers. He takes pride in the business he has built and the employees he has retained. Gus can be found in his office preparing quotations, on the phone with our customers, or right there on the shop floor assuring quality precision products.

As an active community leader Gus is responsible for leading Arcal Precision Components in the right direction for the future. He has made it a point to hire from within the community and surrounding colleges to help stimulate our local economy and shed light to the importance of Small businesses around the nation.

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Manufacturing Manager

Rick has been with Arcal Precision Components Inc. for over 15 years, dedicating himself to furnishing customers' with the highest in quality products.

He ensures communication between everyone on the facility floor while providing the structure for teamwork and development among personnel to nourish skills and provide the training for growth. There has yet to be an obstacle he can not overcome regarding programming efficiently and functionally. His experience and vast knowledge aid him in leading Arcal employees to make product turn around meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Quality Control

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